Tybalt from Romeo and juliet

You are to write a 2-3 page(400-600 words) typed analytic paper that compares and contrasts two critical sources(articles from scholarly journals and books) on a character or theme from Richard III or Romeo and Juliet
: This assignment requires that at least ONE of your critical viewpoints comes from an article in a SCHOLARLY JOURNAL. The other source may be from a book or another journal article. Students who ignore this requirement will have their papers returned ungraded for revision, will lose one full letter grade and must re-submit their paper within three class days.

You will need to find either TWO ARTICLES, or ONE ARTICLE and ONE SECTION OF A BOOK-LENGTH STUDY. All articles must be at least three pages long, and your book excerpts must also amount to at least three pages. No student should collaborate or share with another student on any aspect of this assignment.