trauma on social media

creating an argument around it. Most topics so far have been debatable and controversial, so you have the option to pick a side to argue for with a counter-argument, or to explore both sides of an issue in a nuanced way.
Part of this assignment requires you to do research on your own. Your source must be scholarly/peer-reviewed or a popular source. Students should find a minimum of 2 sources, one which supports your claim and one which counters it. You are free to include more research if necessary.When writing a counter-argument, its important that you counter your counter-argument. You want to point out the flaws and discuss why this argument is not better than yours. There should be at least 6 paragraphs or sections; one for each piece of supporting evidence, and one for a counter argument.
You will be using APA format. This assignment requires an abstract, cover page, reference list, and your in-text citations in APA.
You are welcome to use citation generators for your reference list, as long as you double check them with a reliable source to make sure you have formatted them correctly.