ISB PGP Pro Admission Essay

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ISB PGP Pro Admission Essay

Leadership plays a crucial role in growth and success at individual and organizational levels. For this reason, I believe that the decision to enroll in the Post Graduate Program (Pro) offered by your institution is greatly inspired by my virtue as a leader. The Indian School of Business (ISB) has an impressive in image in the business world given the broad range of opportunities it offers students seeking career growth. The primary reason for my interest in this program is the opportunity to develop strategic business and leadership skills which will be vital in the furtherance of my career. Fortunately, ISB will allow me to cooperate with highly proficient professors from one of the best business schools in the globe.

Growth and Success are the two elements that I earnestly seek in my professional life. So far, I have made some significant industrial strides which are bound to improve my learning outcomes once I enroll in the program. My project management role at IBM has offered me the privilege of consulting corporate clients such as Airtel India, National Grid, Citi Group, Abbott, NBN, and Vodafone on resource management and problem-solving. Working with these clients, particularly National Grid boosted my leadership and communication skills as I was coordinating with senior stakeholders to release the system. If given the opportunity to enroll in ISB’s multicultural student network, I will engage broad-minded individuals from diverse geographic and cultural backgrounds in high-value projects. My success with a team of 26 members at National Grid will allow me to cooperate effectively with fellow ISB enrollees. 

ISB’s PGP Pro will play a pivotal role in my professional life. I believe that the program’s intense focus on business leadership will allow me to obtain fundamental business attributes and integrate them with the Information Technology (IT) skills I possess to resume my entrepreneurial journey. This kind of progress is quite necessary because I had started a venture which failed due to limited understanding of the business realm (emphasis on overall organizational management). Apart from the personal advantages, I am bound to gain from ISB’s PGP Pro, I will utilize my knowledge of emergent IT concepts such as Big Data, IoT, and data science to transform my country.


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