ISB PGP Pro Admission Essay

Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation ISB PGP Pro Admission Essay Leadership plays a crucial role in growth and success at individual and organizational levels. For this reason, I believe that the decision to enroll in the Post Graduate Program (Pro) offered by your institution is greatly inspired by my virtue as a leader. The Indian School … Read more

How Technology is Affecting the Youth in the 21st Century

Composition l Research Paper How Technology is Affecting the Youth in the 21st Century The use of technology among the youth in the 21st century is becoming more common. Generation Y teenagers are continuing to use technology for a variety of reasons. Some ways on how teenagers are using technology are to acquire new skills … Read more

Personal Letter – Construct a letter focused on persuading the reader to change his or her stance or opinion.

Student’s Name Instructor Course Date Personal Letter Dear Eric, I would like to share with you some views about same-sex marriage and list reasons why it should be discouraged and condemned using the strongest terms possible. This is considering that even in the Bible, marriage is defined as the connection between a man as well … Read more

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