What everyday activity or product have you chosen to present? Why did you choose this activity or product? Why is it important?

Human Impact on Climate Change PowerPoint After learning about several ways in which our everyday actions impact climate change, choose one action to conduct more research on and create a PowerPoint presentation to tell us more! Use the unit material and reliable online resources to gather more information. There are several ideas with information throughout the unit but there is even more information out in the world! Think about what you do every day, and how the activity uses energy or natural resources. Think about a product you buyhow it was made, what natural resources were used to make it? You can also do a quick google search of everyday activities that effect the environment and start reading some articles for more ideas. Remember to use reliable sources from the Internet. There is a lot of misinformation out there and finding reliable information can be difficult. The best sources of reference material for your presentation are scientific journals found in the CSU Online Library databases. Click here for a biology research tutorial that demonstrates how to locate library resources relating to biology You can also find reliable statistics at organization websites listed in the Unit under Combat Climate Change. Your presentation must include: What everyday activity or product have you chosen to present? Why did you choose this activity or product? Why is it important? Connect the activity/product to its impact on the environment and climate change. How does doing the activity or making the product use natural resources, disrupt habitat, impact wildlife or other effects on the environment? Report data and statistics, with references, on how this activity/product effects the environment. What can people do to decrease the activity/products impact on the environment? Be sure to follow the formatting and guidelines provided below: Include at least three visual aids. Include three reliable references, and at least one source must come from the CSU Online Library. Use bulleted information on slides (five lines or fewer). Include details in the speaker notes (more information that you would say during an actual presentation). Include a separate title slide and separate reference slide. Use an appropriate font and background. Include at least 11 slides, but not more than 15 slides (not counting your title slide and reference slide). Use correct APA format for references and citations, and use correct grammar and spelling. Upload the presentation as a .ppt or .pptx file.