Research Paper on The Starry Night Painting by Vincent van Gogh

1. First, research various art works. art or music genres, or styles of art, music, or architecture. Find a work that appeals to you and you’d like to know more about. You can also consider this a chance to inform your reader about a work–painting, song, album, building–you feel passionate about. Research widely online and in the variety of art and music history books in the library. 2. You must cite all sources of the research you use in your paper, whether they are quoted, paraphrased or summarized.. If you find another writer’s ideas useful, and use them in yor paper, you must given them the credit for the idea–summarized, paraphrased, or quoted–by putting their last name or title name in an in-text parenthetical citation. 3. You must use four sources from your research for this paper, only one of which may be an encyclopedia. (You may not use wikipedia as a source for this paper because it is considered unreliable.) 4. All paraphrased, summarized, or quoted information taken from your research sources and given a parenthetical citation within the text of you paper must then be given full bibliographic (or publication) information on a Works Cited page. The Works Cited page is separate from the rest of the text and serves as the last page of your research paper. 5. The paper itself will be com as it relates to the art work, and a narrative or explanatory posed of a description of the art work, a brief biography of the artist, and a narrative or explanatory section of the historical, social, scientific, political, or art historical context in which the art work was produced. 6. The organization I suggest you use follows: a. Introduction and background to hook your audience into reading about the art work and its history b. A description of the art work c. A brief biography of the artist as it relates to the art work d. The historical, social, scientific, cultural, or art historical context for the art e. Conclusion in which you restate your thesis, or summarize your paper, or look ahead