Major depressive order

Students will construct an APA style paper (for explanation and help see the footnote)1 on the topic of Major Depressive Disorder. Students should begin their research with the DSM-V (available in the reference section of the AVC library or online). Students should include the following 5 sections in their paper: Diagnostic Features including Symptoms, Prevalence, Course, Familial Pattern, and Treatments. The research paper must be typed in APA format (including citations, font, and margin requirements) and submitted online by the due date above (no emailed papers will be accepted). Remember that this is a completely online course, thus any technological issues the student experiences at the last minute resulting in the paper being submitted late will not be accepted. The paper must be submitted online via CANVAS as a Word document (.doc or .docx). The length of the paper will be 7 pages. The title page, abstract page, and reference page do not count toward the total number of pages. Thus, each student will submit at least 10 total pages for the research portion of the paper. The paper should cite and reference at least 8 sources of information. All references must be peer reviewed scientific journals or books no other references will be accepted. For example, is not an acceptable reference source. Research or reference librarians are the individuals best suited to assist accessing these journals. I highly recommend EBSCO for your research.At the end of the 10 page research paper, please complete a 2 page personal evaluation/reflection paper based on the researched material. Essentially, this is where you share your ideas in an informal way, about the researched material. It is important to note that your research paper does not contain your ideas or opinions, but rather your summarizing the research literature and reporting on this. I am interested in your ideas, opinions, and thinking, so please include this in the reflection paper only. The reflection paper does not have to be in APA format but it does need to contain critical thinking about the researched material. Thus, there will be a total of 12 pages (10 for the research paper and 2 for the reflection paper) that are submitted online