Researched Argument essay about Coca-Cola and Health

This Researched Argument essay is about Coca-Cola and health. should be about 8-10 pages (2000- 2500 words), double-spaced, standard fonts, bibliography/works cited page. You should use about five academic (scholarly, peer-reviewed) sources and any number of non-academic sources. Non-academic sources are not required, but can add interesting facts and examples alongside the sound support from academic sources. This assignment asks you to create an annotated bibliography for five sources. Your sources will include one book (Tom Standages A History of the World in 6 Glasses, Chapter COCA-COLA and the RISE of AMERICA) and one article found through the librarys databases ( The governmentality of childhood obesity: Coca-Cola, public health and primary school , Darren Powell and Michael Gard), and three internet source. Encyclopedias do not count for this assignment, unless it is a specialized encyclopedia that offers an in-depth article. Annotated bibliographies are similar to abstracts (an abstract is a one-paragraph summary typically found before a scholarly article) in that they summarize the information of the text. However, abstracts are the purely descriptive summaries often found at the beginning of scholarly journal articles. Annotations can be descriptive and critical; they can explain and/or evaluate many things, including the type of source, the author’s point of view, authority or credentials, and argument.