Paul Outerbridge Jr.

your thoughts on your photographers work (NOT the photographer, but on their photographs)…this is not a research paper, this are your own observations. This is where you analyze, look, remark upon, and compare. Cover the whole range of the photographers main work, not just an image or two. USE THE NUMBERS BELOW or otherwise write a fluid paper that includes all these points 1) form. Explain the formal aspects of the work (the look, the materials, the physical aspects) 2) content. Explain the content of the work (the subject and meaning). 3) are they working from the inside of the subjects or were they outsiders? 4) how much was theie work about form, how much about content 5) is there anything culturally suspect about the work, either from that time period or our own? 6) analyze the work: Dig into the meaning, style, intention, subject, etc. of the photographs. Figure out what the work does, what it does not do. Is it any good? How can you tell? This is the section where you go wherever your thoughts can take you exploring the persons body of work. Attempt some context by trying to connect the work to others who work in a similar way, or who may have been an influence. Remember to look at as much as you can, not just one or two pictures. Look and feel familiar with your persons work in an overall sense.