Long Term Care Administration

Individual case study on ethical and legal issues in long term care (Paper 2) posted; due end of Week 7. Long-term and end of life care can present legal and ethical challenges. The ability to navigate these, to the benefit of the patient, family, facility, and your own career, is a critical skill in LTC administration. Imagine you receive a call from one of your former subordinates, the acting administrator for a LTC facility. This individual looks to you for mentorship and subject matter expertise. Now, select one scenario from the three case studies posted in this weeks Course Content as the details of what your colleague faces. Given the specifics of the situation, prepare for your protg an analysis of the circumstances, key considerations, and recommended course(s) of action, citing the benefits and risks therein. In answering, you may consider the questions presented within the scenario, but no not limit your analysis to these queries.