Labour economists provide many important insights to policy makers across the world.

Labour economists provide many important insights to policy makers across the world. Both the relevant theoretical models along with specific empirical evidence is used to make decisions regarding public policy. In this assignment, you are going to do the following: Choose one specific real-world income maintenance program (it can be from anywhere in the world and any time period), and Explain to your reader o The reason behind why the program was implemented and the overall purpose or goal of the program; o The incentive effects of the program using the empirical labour supply model learned in class (this could include work incentives or other incentives such as education/health/fertility/etc.); o The empirical evidence regarding the program. Did the program achievement its goal? Did it affect the labour supply of the participants or others? Why or why not? Does it affect other outcomes? Which ones and why? o Whether the empirical evidence supports the economic theory. If not, why not? o Whether you consider the program a success. If you were a policy maker, would you implement a program similar to this policy? Structure of the Assignment Overview of assignment The final product will be a 1,000 word essay on the topic described above. You will first turn in an annotated bibliography that includes sources of empirical evidence you will use for your essay along with the name of the income maintenance program, the years the income maintenance program existed, and country and state/province of origin. Next, rather than handing in a single draft, you will submit a first draft that will receive comments and suggestions from classmates. As part of this process, you will comment on the first drafts of three of your classmates. Based on your peers comments, and other lessons learned during the peer assessment phase, you will then revise your paper for final submission. In total, the project is thus comprised of four parts. 1. The annotated bibliography; 2. The first submission; 3. Peer assessments of three other student papers; and 4. The revised final version of your paper. The final grade in this assignment will depend on all four elements, with the most weight on the revised (final) version of the essay. ALL four elements must be submitted through Quercus. Each component will be graded according to the associated rubric that can be found on Quercus. Please include 3-4 sentences outlining your choice of an income maintenance program. Include a brief description of the program, the years the program was in existence, and country of origin. Also include a related bibliography that includes a minimum of three to five sources (not including the textbook). The references and citations must conform to the American Psychological Association format. See link here: For each source that you include, write a brief 2-3 sentence annotation explaining how the source will be used in your paper. (NOTE: You will only need to submit 3 sources via Quercus) You are expected to consult sources beyond the textbook (though you can certainly use the textbook), and your grade will, in part, be based on the quality of your references. You are specifically expected to consult economics journals, recent working papers, and/or official government reports.