Japanese History

The course paper assignment is not a traditional “term paper” requiring additional research. Instead, you will focus the two books by Nakazawa, and Tsutsui. (Barefoot GEN 1 by Keiji Nakazawa and Godzilla on my Mind by William Tsutsui.) You will consider what these two books have in common, noting that they both give some consideration to World War II and its aftermath. The paper may not exceed 5 pages in length. Due dates are specified in the day-by-day list of topics. Provide a clear introduction that briefly introduces the two books (what facets of WW II and its aftermath they address) and explains in outline your comparative conclusions (similarity, dissimilarity, and in what respects). DO NOT JUST LIST TOPICS. State an argument about the similarities and differences that your books show regarding specific subjects they treat. Each paragraph after your introduction should clearly develop your argument by making the smaller arguments that make up your larger argument in the first sentence of each paragraph. The rest of the paragraph should introduce and discuss evidence from the books that supports the smaller argument. (Think about TV law shows: My client is not guilty is the big argument, the smaller component arguments are things like, My client was 100 miles away from the murder scene when it occurred [discuss airline tickets, hotel bills], My client is too small to have beaten a man of the victims size to death [introduce body dimensions, etc. and discuss], etc.). Have clear, well-developed conclusion. Remember, a conclusion summarizes what you have discussed and NEVER introduces new evidence. Use proper footnoting style (your choice but be consistent and correct in your usage), include a separate title page (create a title that introduces your argument if you can) and a bibliography.