Health Information Technology

The content from this week introduced the Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH) model and the role that health information technology has in advancing and supporting PCMH practices. As discussed in the AHRQ resource Necessary but Not Sufficient: The HITECH Act and Health Information Technologys Potential to Build Medical Homes, there are five guiding principles for the medical home model: A patient-centered orientation Comprehensive, team-based care Care Coordination Continuous access to care A systems-based approach to quality and safety For this paper you will address these five guiding principles from the perspective of a healthcare informatics/HIT leader within a primary care organization. Explain how you would utilize various health information technologies to achieve these five objectives and improve the quality of primary care services rendered. Remember that a key factor driving success in the primary care model is patient engagement, so youll want to make sure you are recommending technology that supports stakeholders both internally and externally. Youll want to dive deeper than just outlining what technology resources you would utilize for each principle. Discuss how you plan to get healthcare providers/staff on board with the technology and what outcomes you expect to see. Provide insight as to which professionals/disciplines would be involved with the utilization of HIT to achieve each objective. You are required to utilize at least five (5) outside sources in your paper. The paper should be between 6-8 pages in length and follow proper APA style guidelines.