Genetic Disease Briefing

(Please help me out I need to pass the course)For this assignment you need to read all the instruction carefully provided in BIO 1010 Assignment 2 Fall 2019 which will clear all your confusion for the assignment.In this assignment, you are writing a brief summary of a genetic disease, to be used by genetic counsellors, physicians, and affected families, as a reference for understanding the disease.There are steps you need to follow to find the topic which you think it has more information and essay to write but you need to write assignment in your own words.Please use the Rubric to help you structure your assignment.Also, take a look at A Rough Guide to Assignment marking on the BIOL 1010.And please take care of this things onFormat• You must make your nomination in a minimum of three (3) pages and a maximum of five(5) single‐sided pages, not including references or a title page.• Use the APA style guide to format your references (see the APA Style Guide on the BIOL 1010 cuLearn page)• Print must be double-spaced, with 1-inch margins all around.• Type size must be no smaller than 12 points.(please help me out i need to pass the course)In assignment proff has explained how to decide and find the topic and from where you can take help to write essay.(please help me out)