Cuba Missile Crisis as a hot spot in the Cold War

Purpose: The Research Article Project your opportunity to apply independently the investigative, analytical, and interpretive skills practiced in the learning modules. Your successful completion of the project, ideally, leaves you equipped with the skills to investigate questions, evaluate opinions, analyze perspectives, and offer a synthesis, or coherent explanation, of your personal point of view critical skills in whatever occupation your future holds. The project also allows you to demonstrate your mastery of at least three stated course objectives, the ability to: Evaluate and interpret primary sources and construct historical insights from them. Understand, analyze, and evaluate different interpretations of the past. Express higher-order understandings of the past through coherent, sequential statements based on primary and secondary sources. This project is designed to teach and reinforce the fundamental skills of research, analysis, and exposition.Using the thesis and annotated bibliography, students will craft a 1,000 to 1,500 word research article that seeks to prove the stated thesis using at least three secondary and two primary sources