Nicotine Use & Vaping in Rural Adolescents

Please include these 2 references plus 3 or more additional peer reviewed journal articles from the last 5 years in this research and a reference from the AHRQ (more info in directions). This is a Health Promotion and Prevention Paper from the perspective of a psychiatric nurse. The health risk is nicotine use with a focus on vaping or e-cigarettes and the population focus is adolescents in a rural population. Please contact me if you need anything clarified. Directions: Health Promotion and Prevention Paper Overview The purpose of this paper is to allow the student to apply client-centered and culturally appropriate concepts of evidence-based clinical prevention and health promotion to RURAL population care. The student will write the paper while considering their future role perspective, one health risk topic, and one priority health population. Follow these steps: Select one of health risk topics (Tobacco/nicotine use with a vape/e-cig focus-since it is a fast rising problem) Choose one priority health population ( adolescents rural) Reference the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality at ( Complete the paper from your future role perspectives (Psychiatric Mental health Nurse Practitioner) including specific discussion about role. The Health Promotion and Prevention Paper should: Be 3 to 5 pages (NOT including title and reference pages). Have at least five (5) references. DO NOT USE TEXTBOOKS as references. Be formatted using Word or a compatible word processor, Times New Roman, 12-point font, 1 margins, double-spaced. Directions and Guidelines Step 1: Format Create a document using a word processing program (e. g. Microsoft Word) with the following formatting guidelines: 12-Point, Times New Roman font 1 inch margins Double-spaced 3 to 5 pages in length (not including the title and reference page) APA 6th Edition formatting Minimum of 5 references (The textbook does not count as a reference.) RUBRIC: I. ORGANIZATION AND PAPER CONTENT: REQUESTED INFORMATION IS PRESENT AND ACCURATE 1. Define and discuss health promotion and health prevention. Differentiate between Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary Prevention and provide an example of each specific to your selected health risk topic (tobacco, cancer, or mental health). 2. Define and discuss social and physical determinants of health Discuss social and physical determinants of health in general. Discuss social and physical determinants of health specific to the priority health population you selected (women, men, children, minorities, or elderly) and health risk topic (tobacco, cancer, or mental health). 3. Locate and discuss evidence-based health promotion screening recommendations that address your selected health risk topic (tobacco, cancer, or mental health). Provide the actual recommendations, risk factors for development, and education related to the topic. Next, discuss recommendations specific to your chosen priority health population (women, men, children, minorities, or elderly). 4. Discuss your perspective role (nurse case manager, clinical nurse leader, nurse practitioner, etc.) in health promotion and health prevention. II. WRITING QUALITY AND APA USE WRITING QUALITY The writing is generally clear–the reader does not have to work to understand sentences and content. Complete sentences are used; Sentence fragments are not present; No run-on sentences. Subjects and verbs, singulars and plurals agree Apostrophes are used appropriately to designate plurals and possessives Commas are used appropriately Semicolons used appropriately and judiciously The correct form of words is used (affect/effect, their/there) Capitalization is appropriate The rule for use of numerals and letters is observed Direct quotations are not used or are very minimally used The tone is appropriate to a scholarly paper–is not colloquial; avoids first person. The paper is carefully proofed–it is apparent that a spell check was used and that the paper was also read in order to identify errors that a spell check program would not catch The length limit for the paper is not exceeded Pagination is correct. 3 to 5 pages in length using APA formatting: TITLE PAGE Present and title identifies content of paper; Length and placement of Running Head conforms to APA guidance; Paper title, author identification conforms to APA guidance. INTRODUCTION Present; adequately prepares reader for purpose and structure of paper HEADINGS At least 2 levels of headings are used; the correct levels of headings are used; the headings conform to APA: Headings that do not appear in APA are not used. CONCLUSIONS Present; adequately summarizes paper discussion REFERENCES IN BODY OF PAPER Adequate in-text documentation/citation of references/sources; Correct APA format whether in narrative or parenthetical citations.