Written Intro and Justifications Section and Finalized Outline

Written Intro and Justifications Section and Finalized Outline
Cover Page, Abstract, Written Introduction and Statement of Problem section, Justifications for the Study section, Finalized Outline, and References

Points: 10

Learning Outcomes

Consistent with the course syllabus, this assignment aims to have students demonstrate the following:

formulate a clear research question or statement of research problem that is well justified.
express a research question/statement of problem that reflects the expected four criteria).
convey the Project’s conceptual structure via a well-organized outline.
Some Quick Points About the Introduction and Justifications Section

Recall that your Introduction and Statement of Problem section introduces the reader to the topic and to the specific research question or statement of research problem.

Your Justifications for the Study section presents the reader with no less than four arguments, supported by the published literature, that make a case for why research, like the present Project, is needed. In other words, why is it important?


This submission must be formatted using the APA style. This means that all you produce for this submission must be APA formatted. Further, all you produce for this submission will be submitted as one file, including:

1. A cover page

2. An abstract

3. Intro and statement of the problem

4. Justifications for the study

5. Finalized outline

6. A References page(s)

Specifically, you will prepare an APA formatted cover page, an executive summary or abstract that is no more than 150 words (on its own page), statement of the problem, justification for the study, a finalized outline (on its own page/s), and a reference page. Thus, you will begin writing the actual Capstone Project beginning with an introductory and statement of problem paragraph that will conclude with our finalized research question/statement of problem (this section of your work should have a level one heading [centered and bolded] labeled “Introduction and Statement of Problem”), a justifications section labeled “Justifications for the Study” [also centered and bolded]). In your Justification section, you are expected to make four distinct arguments in the justifications section, each argument should have its own level two heading that is on the left margin, bolded, and on its own line of text. All four arguments should be supported by the academic literature and written in distinct paragraphs.

The introduction and justifications sections do not need to be submitted on separate pages as this is part of the overall body of your Project. Your Finalized Outline will begin on its own page and ALL outline elements will be described in full sentences rather than fragments. Even though some sections (i.e., the Literature Review) are not due until later in the semester, by now you should have conducted enough research to be able to describe what each segment (i.e., numbered and lettered parts) of the outline aims to accomplish. You will also be submitting an APA formatted reference or bibliography page (on its own page/s, which will include the sources you have found/utilized thus far in your project. Thus, be sure to provide both in-text and reference citations in APA format.