Write an essay on Duranti-Ethnography.

For these reading responses, you are NOT asked to reproduce the entire argument of the assigned scholarly works. Rather you are asked to respond to three short prompts IN COMPLETE SENTENCES. Please number your responses to these prompts in each reading response with 1, 2, and 3.

1) What is a key idea or scholarly theory that the assigned reading is responding to. In other words, what received wisdom (idea or theory) is the author saying needs to be changed, fixed, or abandoned?

2) What is a key scholarly intervention that the author is making. In other words, if the

received wisdom on this subject is wrong, what is the alternative being proposed by the


3) What are two or three comments/ critiques/ questions you have about the piece (please

do NOT make your critique be that the piece was hard to read or hard to understand).

Ethnographic Film Reflections Guidelines for Ethnography into the 21st Century