what barriers do you think you might have if you worked as a cna in a long term facility.

She Knows My Name Purpose To practice the nurse aide terminal skills of communication and interaction with clients on a one-on-one basis while demonstrating sensitivity to the clients emotional, social, and mental health needs as indicated in Maslows Hierarchy of Needs care model (DORA, 2007). According to the Eden Principles, Elders may be experiencing loneliness, helplessness, and boredom which add to human suffering. Knowledge of Person Centered Care provides the framework for eliminating loneliness, helplessness, and boredom by considering the older adult as the center of the care process rather than an approach in which care is provided in a segmented and accidental manner. The first step in this process is to acknowledge that older adults are individuals with unique needs. The next step is to develop communication with the older adult. The final step is to build an on-going relationship with the older adult. This relationship can only occur through the communication process. Objectives the Learner will: Write about an interaction with a client in which communication may have been difficult due to speech, cultural, emotional or physical differences and/or barriers. Explain if any of the information gained during the interaction might influence care given by the nurse aide, or other healthcare professionals. Give examples of interventions/activities used during the interaction that impacted the conversation, good and bad. Research and cite two academic resources (journal articles, textbook) when describing and writing about the interventions/activities used during the interaction. Identify outcomes of the interaction for the student and/or client, good and bad. Use at least two academic resources to support your evidence-based practice when identifying interventions and outcomes of your interaction with the client. Discuss ways the interaction could have been improved. Cite your sources. Assignment Nurse Aides are often the primary caregiver to nursing home residents. This unique role allows the nurse aide to develop powerful relationships with the people they care for. Communication and trust can influence how a nurse aide and other professionals provide care for clients. This exercise is to practice the communication skills learned in class, from the text, and from watching/reviewing the videos. Students are encouraged to complete this assignment following the clinical experience using a patient, client, or resident from the clinical experience while maintaining the clients confidentiality. Please do not use any identifying information about clients in your academic paper. The paper should be in APA format and not exceed five pages (excluding cover page and references).