Doing Development and Empowerment

All essays need to be typed,double-spaced and in 12 point Times New Roman black font. Margins should be no wider thanthe standard Word setting. In an effort to conserve paper, a title page is not necessary. Youmay also use double-sided printing.The expectation is that you will able to demonstrate your knowledge of how the the course materials fit together. You should be able to synthesize readings. make connections across them, and identify different approaches. It is also important to be able to identify which of the readings have meaning/relevance for the argument you’d like to make or discussion you would like to have. (my note – pls choose an argument and revolve around it)Some tips:• Do not assume your reader knows what concepts mean.• Explain or “contextualize” quotations.• Examples are necessary to back up your arguments.• If you want to add your opinion or observation you may do so in the conclusion (Pls include an opinion or observation, example: “i believe … etc )• Please spell-check – I will take points off for failure to proofread.In this essay, please reflect on the following question in relation to the readings/films on “doing development.”- How does the work of Barbara Heron and others inform your thinking about “doing development” as well as notions of empowerment?