The Oxford Shakespeare King Lear

The student will research some literary aspect of one of the assigned readings of the students choice (e.g., one of the poems or plays, or some overarching aspect from several poems by one author). The student should focus on different readings/authors for different logs. The student will summarize the opinions of 2-3 scholars on this aspect (300-500 words) and then write a 300 word reflection on how the findings impact interpretation of the work. This should include a Works Cited page and be in MLA format. pls make sure the page numbers would be matched with the essay and i send you the sample essay but pls get idea how it should be don’t copy paste it because the prof gave it to me. and pls make sure you do the exact same thing as the prof wanted. pls use simple words keep the words simple don’t use big words “Your intro paragraph should be hook summary/background information on the poem and thesis statement. You need your thesis statement so you can organize your paragraphs and to base your topic sentences. Don’t end paragraphs with a quote.