Technologies for Political Engagement, Protest and Mobilisation.

Read the 3 questions and response to them. Make 80-100 words response for each. (If its more its ok, there is no word limit ) Edu Level: Masters at top-rated university. Unit: Modern Media and Communication Ecologies Reference Style: Harvard * Must be absolutely original as teacher will check it on Turnitiin Plagiarism Checker. ** Contains 20% of unit’s grade so make it perfect. Week topic: Technologies for Political Engagement, Protest & Mobilisation. Read 3 QUESTIONs THAN READ THE RELATED & REQUIRED MATERIAL THAN RESPONSE. Question#1 (About Online activism) What are the technological and environmental factors that contribute to making each of these (online activism and civic organising platforms) effective or ineffective? Question#2 (About Civic culture) Do new media technologies, and social media platforms, change the landscape significantly? Do they create a new ‘civic culture’ and enhance the channels through which an ordinary person might have a voice and engage in public or civic discourse? If so how? Or if not, why not? Question#3 (About Changing civic engagement) As with those claims about subactivism and clicktivism, how do new media tools and platforms change the environment or ecology of civic engagement? Against those big claims about activism in the Middle East, consider the case of YouTube activists such as Charles Veitch. (Argue & conclude a specific, clear and unique opinion.) Read week 7 content carefully to understand the topic. Read week 1,2 content to understand the unit. (I highly suggest teachers feedback in “examples” doc file to understand teacher’s expectations. – Please make at least 1 or 2 in-text citations in each response and provide all the references in the end. – Provide all references of ideas and arguments stated in the argument. – The teacher demands critical thinking, research and clear opinion.