The moral side of euthanasia – good or bad

Rogerian Argument I would prefer that you focus upon the format rather than researching facts, so research is not necessary. If you must do research, keep it to a bare minimum and be sure to include MLA citations. Think about the last disagreement you had and consider that for your topic. The topic can be personalfor example, a disagreement with your spouse about whether the dog should sleep in the bed or the best way to complete a chore. The topic can also be more general, such as texting while driving laws, a recent price increase, or public school policy you dislike. We will have a DB to help you brainstorm for topics, so please use the DB to explore topics. Audience: Your audience is your classmates and all ENG 112 students at TCC. You are sharing the argument with your classmates, not your opposition. Do not write directly to the opposition. (For example, if you are arguing with your spouse about the dog, do not address the essay to your spouse and use you.) Use 1st person and 3rd person only. Your Mission: Write a strong, unified multi-paragraph essay that presents a valid Rogerian argument and supports that argument with evidence. The evidence must demonstrate all 4 steps of the Rogerian Argument as outlined in the lecture notes and textbook. Basic Requirements Each paragraph should be developed thoroughly: #1 Introduction: Must present an introduction strategy that leads to some general explanation of the topic. A good introduction paragraph will begin with one of the strategies, then spend 2-5 sentences providing information about the argument and why the issue is important. The audience should come away from the introduction with a clear picture of the argument and participants. #2 Oppositions View: Describe the oppositions opinion in neutral language. Be detailed, thorough, and fair. #3 Validation: Validate the oppositions good points. Describe contexts in which the oppositions ideas work best. #4 Your view + benefits: Present your opinion and the benefits for the opposition if your views were adopted. #5 Compromise: Propose the best possible compromise in which both sides benefit. This well-developed paragraph should include steps taken by both sides to reach a reasonable middle ground. Of course, one side may give up more than the other and thats fine. #6 Conclusion: Conclude with a paragraph that reflects the intro and emphasizes why the topic is important.