The Cleveland Clinic’s move to implement Servant Leadership

Down articles are included as file attachments starting with ARTICLE_ combined with the order. The quality must be platinum. In total 6 references including the files starting with ARTICLE_. The Case study must have an introduction and a conclusion. These instructions are also included in the attachments being the file starting with INSTRUCTIONS_ Using these two articles: Elliker, J. (2016). Understanding Ontological Conflict Between Servant Leadership and Organizations. Servant Leadership Theory & Practice, 3(2), 72-89. Patenchak, J.M. (2015). Implementing Servant Leadership at Cleveland Clinic: A Case Study in Organizational Change. Servant Leadership Theory and Practice, 2(1), 36-48. Write a case summary of the Cleveland Clinic’s move to implement Servant Leadership. Use additional research to dig into the particulars of the case that you find most compelling, including a description of the problems faced by Cleveland Clinic and the solutions and strategies they applied. The Ellikar article should be used as a backdrop to discuss some of the deeper obstacles that the leadership of Cleveland Clinic most likely faced as they were implementing a radical overhaul of their organization. Read the General Guidelines for Case Studies and the Case Study Rubric before beginning this assignment available in the Learning Guide. This is included in the attachments. These instructions can be found in the attached file with the name Case Analysis Rubric Updated.pdf Submit a 3- page case analysis, (independent of the title page and reference page) that is double-spaced. All citations should be in APA format. With an introduction and a conclusion.