National Identity

Critique of Theory Paper Assignment –National Experience and Idenity

Write a brief paper (3-4 pages) in which you offer a critique of at least one of the theories you presented.

From the assigned chapter(s) pertaining to your topic, critique one (or more) of the theories examined. Find and summarize at least three scholarly critiques (e.g., journal articles or books) related to the theory you select. Use the resources cited in the assigned chapter of your SDC textbook as your main source, and seek out external resources when necessary. These will most likely be located in academic journals.

Include the following in your critique paper:

Summaries of at least three scholarly journal articles/critiques related to the topic/theories you are discussing
Your ideas/feedback pertaining to the ideas raised in the three scholarly journal articles/critiques (e.g., do you agree with these? Disagree? Why? Provide rationale/justification supported with citations from your readings).
Consider the questions, challenges, weaknesses, and gaps raised during our virtual discussion on the Discussion Board
The length of your paper should be 3-4 solid pages not including the cover page (no cover page necessary)
APA format