Teaching Plan on Smoking Cessation

Develop a teaching plan on smoking cessation to the adult populationPaper Requirements/ Guideline:1. Population you intend to teach and the reason for teaching.2. Objectives of your teaching. (You may use learning objectives listed in the NJ Core Curriculum Standards but make sure they are stated correctly as per your readings from the textbook, chapter 10. Have at least one objective from each learning domain (cognitive, affective and psychomotor)- I have uploaded my behavioral objective essay, which you can use for assistance on providing one objective. You may add additional learning objectives based on your teaching plan.3. Content Outline: Include content you intend to teach; do not summarize. Information provided must demonstrate thoughtful evaluation of materials, ties to objectives, and addresses multiple learning styles. Demonstrate integration of knowledge gained throughout the course.4. Method of Instruction and learning activities used5. Time allotted (in minutes).6. Appropriate use of resources (visual aids, etc.) to effectively convey information.7. Method of evaluation (Assessment of learning): How is the teaching effectiveness evaluated? Include grading rubric and the actual questionnaire you developed. See assessment rubric in slide # 17 of the power point on NJ Core Curriculum. You must have a grading rubric to assess learning. It should be aligned to your stated objectives. If you use a test, then the rubric should include the expected scores from the test. “and a test score of 75%; and a test score of 76 tp 89%, and a test score of 90% or higher” This is just a suggested example. Please see the slides and please see the example paper provided in this module for further clarification.8. Demonstrate integration learned materials into the teaching plan. Use information from the text and other resources such as journal articles to describe elements of teaching plan.9. Scholarly paper: Ideas are well developed, clear and logical. Paper is grammatically correct. Must use APA format.Please use 8-10 pages for the “essay” part of the assignment and 2-4 pages for the rubric/ post-test/ teaching material. I have attached a sample of a teaching plan for guidance. Thank you.