States are the only actors that can commit acts of violence legitimately

TOPIC: States are the only actors that can commit acts of violence legitimately. Discuss. Must include a clear introduction, conclusion, structure and argument. Make sure that you are relating your response to the relevant academic literature and demonstrating your research skills as you make use of the literature to properly substantiate your arguments. Basics: Make sure that you are using a range of sources and dont rely too heavily on one text book. Use key scholars texts to support your points: you need to provide evidence for the arguments you make based on both primary and secondary reading. Dont use overly long quotes without explaining them; including 4 lines of text and not telling the reader why will not improve your argument it will just use up valuable word count. Make sure you are referencing accurately, for extra support in this area you can speak to the library about their skills sessions. Make sure your bibliography is accurate and only include sources you have actually referenced in your essay. Any questions come and talk to the module lecturers, you can come along to our office hours for extra support. Writing Tips Have a clear structure. It should be crystal clear to anyone reading your essay exactly where you are going from the beginning to the end. Your introduction is key! It should state what your argument is, and what points you will make to prove this argument. Introduction should include 1- The purpose of this essay is to 2- To achieve this, this essay will examine the following points (point a, point b, point c) 3- by doing so it will be argued Then follow your plan. Paragraph one is point a. Paragraph two is point b, etc. Support your points with evidence throughout. Make sure to include a thesis statement (an argument). Your conclusion repeats what you have done and what you have found. Nothing new or fancy here, aside from one line maybe. Otherwise the reader may think you should have used this new argument in your essay. Dont be fancy and try to use complex structures or flowery language. Making a complex argument with simple language is a skill which is valued in academia think of all the articles which are hard to read and frustrate you, dont be like them. Description vs. Analysis Dont just ramble on about everything you know. Description with no analysis = 2.2 or third. Description is a says this about topic x, or b and a disagree, shown in this quote. Analysis is a says this and b say that, and I think bs argument is stronger because of this relevant example, this idea, or that problem with as argument. Great analysis means using your own original example, and/or saying in other words which means youre explaining a quote instead of just quoting, and/or coming up with interesting comparisons between theories or ways of challenging one theory by using another. The best way to stay analytical is a good understanding of your topic, having a clear argument, and sticking to a structure so that you can link everything back to the argument you are making. Describe, Explain, Critique/Support- describe the position of the author, explain what this means to your overall argument, use the text to demonstrate the point- then critique or support it, either using your own views or the secondary literature.