Special education and learning disabilities

My project is towards Special education and learning disabilities – The two lenses to focus on for this project is natural science and history PromptYou have completed Project 1: Lenses Chart and Project 2: KWL Chart. Now, using the information you generated in your Lenses Chart and KWL Chart, you willprepare a presentation on your topic (the same topic you chose for your KWL Chart) through your choice of two of the four lenses of liberal arts: science,humanities, social science, and history. In doing this, you will not only explain the topic itself but also how it can be viewed both similarly and differently,depending on the lens you apply. You do not have to deliver this presentation; you are simply preparing and submitting the presentation you might use if youwere to present on this topic. You will be required to provide written speaker notes that correspond with your presentation in a separate Word document.These notes would be the notes that you would have to reference if you were delivering this presentation. Be sure that you cite any information you use fromother sources, including articles posted in class.Project 3, the presentation, will address the following course outcome:● Demonstrate how individual topics are represented through the application of various liberal arts lensesSpecifically, the following critical elements must be addressed:I. Choose two of the four lenses you applied when researching your topic and create a presentation. You may use as much content per section as you think you need, but be as concise as you can.A. Using the slide titled “Introduction,” introduce your topic by identifying it and explaining why you chose to study it.B. Using the slide titled “Topic and Lens 1,” explain how your topic is viewed through one of the two lenses you have chosen for your presentation. You should identify the lens and choose details and examples relevant to that lens from the articles you read.C. Using the slide titled “Topic and Lens 2,” explain how your topic is viewed through the other of the two lenses you have chosen for your presentation. Be sure to identify the lens and to choose details and examples relevant to that lens from the articles you read.D. Using the slide titled “Convergence and Divergence,” explain the similarities and differences in how the lenses relate to your topic. Focus in particular on the view you get when looking at your topic through both lenses.E. Using the slide titled “Further Exploration,” articulate next steps for further exploration of this topic.F. Using the slide titled “Conclusion,” reflect on lessons learned during the research process. Focus on the benefits of looking at a topic from various lensesProject 3 RubricGuidelines for Submission: Use Microsoft PowerPoint to create a presentation on your topic through two of the lenses, accompanied by speaker notes writtenin Microsoft Word. The notes should be submitted as a Word document with 12-point Times New Roman font, double spacing, and one-inch margins. Apresentation template has been provided in both Microsoft Word and PowerPoint formats. You have the option to use either presentation template provided inthis course to create the slides or sections as you are preparing your presentation, however, your presentation must ultimately be submitted in Powerpointformat. If you use the provided PowerPoint template, you can add slides as needed. You are encouraged to enhance your presentation with images or usingother features of PowerPoint. Submit your completed presentation for grading.Note: Turnitin, the originality report feature used in the course, is not able to check PowerPoint submissions for plagiarism. Thus, as stated above, you shouldsubmit your speaker notes in a separate Word document. Both files (PowerPoint and Word) can be submitted through the Project 3 submission item.Your final presentation should include at least two sources to support your topic and lenses. Your citations need to be listed in either MLA or APA format, as appropriate to your major.below I’ve listed two source to use:Blanton, L. P., Pugach, M. C., & Boveda, M. (2018). Interrogating the intersections between general and special education in the history of teacher education reform. Journal of Teacher Education, 69(4), 354-366.Koizumi, H. (2004). The concept of ‘developing the brain’: a new natural science for learning and education. Brain and Development, 26(7), 434-441.