Child and adolescent concentration

My project is towards Autism: Child and adolescent concentration
In this assignment, you will demonstrate your mastery of the following course outcomes: Assimilate classic and current research within the field of psychology by developing detailed literature reviews and presentations Gather, organize, and analyze acquired knowledge within the field of psychology as evidenced in an e-compendium Develop a conference-level deliverable depicting theoretical or empirical research and how it fits a larger body of knowledge in the research literatureof psychology Evaluate the appropriate research method(s) to use for the problem examined in a theoretical or empirical research project Describe informed conclusions that align with selected research designs and statistical analyses used in an original research project Analyze multifaceted ethical issues associated with the core content areas of psychology as evidenced through the creation of informed consentforms and the use of ethical reasoningThe final project is meant for you to propose a hypothetical study. You are not and should not be conducting human-subject research for this project. It is notnecessary for the purposes of this assignment. All human-subject research requires written approval from the school Institutional Review Board in order toprotect the welfare and ensure ethical treatment of the subjects.PromptThe final project for this course is a formal research project based on one of the psychological topics listed below, or a topic of your choice (to be approvedby your instructor) and it will include the following components: abstract, introduction, methods and results, discussion, and references. Your report shouldbe developed as if it were being presented at an undergraduate research conference.Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed:I. Abstract: For the first section of your research report, you will create an abstract that is a concise summary of your research study. Include informationon your research question, subjects (if applicable), methods, results, and discussion.II. Introduction: In this section, you will create an introduction that includes a literature review of research pertinent to the topic area you have chosen.This section should contain the following elements, which will demonstrate your ability to interpret psychological research and develop researchquestions regarding unexplored topic areas:A. Prepare a literature reviewB. Determine testable research questions with hypothesesIII. Methods and Results: For the next section of your research report, you will develop methods and results sections that inform potential readers ofhow you conducted your study and what the statistical results of the study were. These sections should contain the following elements, which willdemonstrate your ability to detail the process of conducting research and to appropriately convey your results:A. Explain the methods of how you conducted your studyB. Conduct statistical analyses as appropriateIV. Discussion: For the last section of your research report, you will write your discussion section, which describes your interpretation of your results andspeaks to how future researchers can expound on your work. This piece should contain the following elements, which will demonstrate your abilityto detail the process of conducting research and to appropriately convey your results:A. Interpret your resultsB. Discuss any limitations or ethical issuesYour research report should be appropriately formatted following the latest guidelines for APA formatting, using in-text citations when necessary. You willbe expected to use at least 10 research articles in the topic area to support your review of the literature.