Review of Chapter Ch. 5 and the two articles, John Dewey and Maxine Green

1. You will have to use the book call: “Exploring education” an introduction to the foundations of education. The author is Alan R. Sadovnik, Peter W Cookson, jr Susan F semel. 2. Please read Chapter Ch. 5 and the two articles, John Dewey “My creed ” ( text book p. 215) and Maxine Green “Wide Awakeness and moral life ” ( text book p. 218 ) 1. How do the philosophies of idealism, realism,, pragmatism exitentialism and postmodernism differ from one another in terms of how they answer questions about the nature of reality? Knowledge? Compare and contrast. With wihich one are you more comfortable? Explain 2.What is the central argument of Maxine Green? 3.The main inferences of Dewey and Green are? 4. What did you learn from the chapter and the articles? 5. What the implications for you as a teacher?