Poor story layout, anti climatic ending, and short length made season eight of Game of Thrones by far the worst season of the entire series.

Analysis Essay

Assignment Sheet


Write an essay that analyzes an object, idea or theory. An analysis examines the parts of something to show how it works or whether it is effective. You will choose what you would like to analyze, and your essay will focus on the individual parts of the whole. A list of topics could include your favorite song or movie, a nonprofit organization, a brand of clothing, an automobile, a scientific theory, etc.

Your thesis will make a claim about the object, idea or theory, and the body of the essay must prove your claim made in your thesis.

Essay Outline

Introduction: Introduce the object of your analysis. You may want to give some background information on this object before transitioning to your thesis statement. Present a thesis statement that makes a claim and summarizes your essay in one sentence. Please underline your thesis statement. Your thesis should be the last sentence of the introduction. Your introduction should be one paragraph (4-7 sentences).
Example thesis statements:

Hallelujah, by Leonard Cohen, is one of the most cleverly written songs in the last fifty years.
While the Walmart corporation continues financial growth, its stores are destroying communities across the country.
With its intricate plot design, profound character evolution, and incomparable screen writing, Breaking Bad stands as one of the best television series ever created.

Body: You will have at least three body paragraphs. Open each body paragraph with a topic sentence that presents a supporting point. This supporting point gives the paragraph something to prove. Use research, examples and testimonies to prove your point. Do not close the paragraph until the point is proven. When using quotes from research articles, remember to introduce them and respond to them. Do not start or end a paragraph with a quote/citation. Body paragraphs should be 6-10 sentences each.
Conclusion: You might want to first restate your thesis. Then, review your main points made in your essay. Do not include any new information. Close your essay with a final statement. Conclusion paragraphs are 4-7 sentences.

Finally, you must use a minimum of three sources. All sources need to be cited in your paper using in-text citations. You must locate your research sources using EBSCO (MasterFile) or ProQuest, where writers are experts in their fields of study.

Your essay needs to include at least three quotes (one from each source), and the quotes should appear in the body of the essay.

MLA Documentation and Format

In MLA documentation formatting, you must acknowledge your sources two times:

in your text (in-text citations)

at the end of your paper (works cited page)

Every entry on the works cited page should have at least one corresponding citation in your paper, and every in-text citation should have a corresponding entry on the works cited page.

Further Instructions:

Follow MLA guidelines for formatting the entire essay.
Follow the above outline.
Excluding the Works Cited page, the essay must be 4-5 pages in length. (Including the Works Cited page, the essay must reach the fifth page!)
Your essay needs a creative title
This essay must be written in third-person perspective, exclusively.
Audience: Imagine someone is going to read this paper who is college-educated but not enrolled in our class.
Your essay must include a Works Cited Page that follows MLA format.
Avoid using contractions.

Analysis Essay Outline
Poor story layout, anticlimatic ending, and short length made season eight of Game of Thrones by far the worst season of the entire series.

Poor story layout- The main villains of the entire series had their character development end abruptly.

Anticlimatic ending- The ending was a lull compared to the rest of the series.

Short series length- This season was much shorter than the rest which also lended a hand to the above points.