Policy and Advocacy for Improving Population Health

***For policy review, think about programs that you have encountered or even read about. Remember when HCAHPS came out, there were questions about pain control? Providers gave pain medication just to keep from getting marked down on the HCAHPS. How about Lets Move? Did is prevent obesity? Are the needle exchange programs preventing STDs? Is Narcan preventing deaths from overdoses? Look at the Healthy People 2020 programs. *** ***Suggestion*** ***Healthy People 2020 programs*** Mental Health and Mental Disorders, Nutrition and Weight Status (obesity) Based on the program or policy evaluation you selected, complete the Healthcare Program/Policy Evaluation Analysis Template. **See attached Template** Be sure to address the following: Describe the healthcare program or policy outcomes. How was the success of the program or policy measured? How many people were reached by the program or policy selected? How much of an impact was realized with the program or policy selected? At what point in program implementation was the program or policy evaluation conducted? What data was used to conduct the program or policy evaluation? What specific information on unintended consequences was identified? What stakeholders were identified in the evaluation of the program or policy? Who would benefit most from the results and reporting of the program or policy evaluation? Be specific and provide examples. Did the program or policy meet the original intent and objectives? Why or why not? Would you recommend implementing this program or policy in your place of work? Why or why not? Identify at least two ways that you, as a nurse advocate, could become involved in evaluating a program or policy after 1 year of implementation ***P/s include retrieved from then the website for example American Nurses Association, (2017). Workplace Violence Retrieved October 9, 2019, from