Opportunity Assessment and Identification

economies- that being said, some of the major issues include; Poverty, high infant mortality rates, poor infrastructure, low levels of education and overall low levels of economic activity that affects employment.To that end, you have been appointed by a task force of the world bank to identify opportunities on how to reframe one of the following issues- To do so, you will have to select a developing country of your choice and use both theoretical and practical dimensions to provide a detailed analysis. [What is the challenge? What is driving or causing it? What are the environmental factors prevalent? Are there any unique circumstances that need to be identified?]To do so, you will have to prepare a 2500-word report that utilizes a framework, design thinking principles, wide research, and your own interpretation of the critical issues necessary to address the underlying complexity.Note.• Students must define and offer a context of the initial challenge prior to trying to reframe it.• Any identified causes of the challenge MUST be qualified with data and statistics• The intervention SHOULD be proactive in nature