Several years from now, you are hired as a consultant by the city planner’s office in a rapidly-growing major metropolitan area in the western United States. Up to now, growth in the city has been poorly managed and chaotic. Now, the city planner’s office wants to entirely remake the city in a way that better serves the needs of the many and diverse people who live there and the multitude of things that they do for work and leisure. Because of your particular expertise in what makes us human and ancient cities, you have been hired to develop the basic principles that will guide the city’s redesign. Drawing on your understanding of ancient history, identify three basic principles and support them with evidence from our class thus far.

Essay guidelines

This essay must be submitted in 12-point, black font with standard margins and double-spaced. Any deviation from these standards will cause your grade to be lowered. In more plain language: dont mess with the margins or the spacing. Its always an obvious and transparent way to try to reach the page limit and will always lower your grade. Three pages means three full pages. In other words, if you have filled half (or or 9/10) of the third page, you have not reached the page minimum.

You must use at least three quotes or citations from our readings. [Note: All of these citations must be NO LONGER than one sentence and you must use at least three of our readings]. You must also cite information from at least two of our article presentations. To cite your sources, use parenthetical citation. For example: Uruk and other Sumerian cities were segregated by purpose (Narev, “Sumerian City-States”).

The point of this exam is for you to use material presented in class