Transgender in the Hospitality Employment

Your executive summary will review the employment law as well as discuss how the employment law impacts the hospitality industry
You must prepare both your written component (executive summary) and your presentation (to be discussed later in the week) through the following paradigm:
Your boss requested you to research a recent employment law legal issue (the one you are assigned). Your boss is taking the information you put together and using it when she makes a presentation before the Chief Human Resources Officer and the CEO. You need to briefly summarize the law, as the CEO is not up-to-date on this particular legal issue. Finally, you may want to further focus by using the specific segment of the industry you want to work in. The reason I recommend you focus on a specific area of interest is your ability to then use this project as part of your resume cache and incorporate it into your personal recruiting material.
If you dont have any connection to anything specific within the hospitality industry, just pick something or feel free to speak with me and maybe together we can provide a focus for your research.
Here is a description of each of the legal issues and how to specifically focus your research (remember to focus on employment law):
1. Transgender: You must identify the laws, both current and proposed, covering the recruiting, hiring, and/or maintaining employment of a transgender applicant and/or employee. You may include general legislation or discussions about this issue in a non-employment law context in order to make a point or bring clarity to your executive summary, just remember to keep your focus on the employment law issue. This particular topic has a state component as well, so pay particular attention to the state discussion below.
STATE DISCUSSION: Each student must include in his/her executive summary, a BRIEF discussion about any Nevada regulations/laws. You may also include a discussion about any other state(s) you wish to include, though there is no requirement. If you find something of particular interest from a state statute other than Nevada’s, feel free to include it. FYI, as you research, you may find an article that addresses all 50 states or a website link addressing all 50 states. That is known as the mother lode, and you might want to use that article or website. That type of article or website is not going to guarantee a better grade, its just a great article or website for a more comprehensive discussion of an issue.