In-Depth Analysis of the NFL As An Organization

This term paper is an in-depth analysis of the National Football League as an organization. This paper will look at the NFL and analyze it from the viewpoint of organizational behaviors. Imagine that you are an independent consultant hired to by the NFL to evaluate the NFL as an organization. The structure of this term paper will go in this path. Page 1: Introduce the topic and purpose the paper, give an in-depth explanation of what the NFL is and its history. Discuss aspects of the organization and its structure. Page 2 and 3: Describe the NFL so that others/the reader can relate to it. Describe its products and services. Describe the country/region they do business in. Discuss the cultural impact of the NFL. Discuss the pro football industry and its competition like the CFL (Canadian Football League). Discuss the size of the NFL, talk about the roles of employees, team ownership structure, how roles in NFL teams and the league office is structured. Write about this in a way that is relevant to extensively describing the NFL as an organization. Page 4, 5 and 6: Try to identify any organizational behavior issues within the NFL. Give details on these issues. Discuss some of the accomplishments of the NFL as an organization. Discuss its popularity and ability to generate revenue and stay highly relevant. Discuss any management/leadership issues in the NFL. Try to use examples of events that have happened in the past. Use examples like the Colin Kaepernick situation, Ray Rice situation, Kareem Hunt situation and other public controversies involving the NFL and discuss how and if they could’ve handled the issue better as an organization. Discuss the structure and layers of the NFL. Discuss how the NFL wants to function versus how they actually function. Discuss what management and ownership could do for better outcomes. Discuss how effective leaders are in the NFL. Write about the value of the employees and how big their roles are. Also, write about the leadership style of ownership and management in the NFL, Discuss the commissioner, Roger Goodell and prominent NFL owners. Discuss the year to year revenue of the NFL. Think of recommendations, as a consultant, that could be given to people within this organization. The final paragraph on the 6th page should be a conclusion to this paper and wrap up all of the ideas discussed.