Impact of E-Cigarette On Tetrahymena Cilia

This is a research paper for Cell Bios class I’m taking at a University this fall semester. So the experiment is on Tetrahymena Cilia. Now the experiment was aim to determine whether if three substances that are found in E-Cig like Propyline Glycol, Glycerin and Nicotine negatively impact or impair the function of respiratory cilia. Cilia are important for sweeping microbes that stuck on the respiratory airways, if Cilia loses its sweeping function, the microbes will build up and causes all kinds of respiratory infections. Now in this experiment we didn’t use actual human cilia but instead we used an eukaryotic organism called Tetrahymena, they also have cilia on the outer surface of their cell, and these cilia are important for the process of endocytosis for Tetrahymena, that’s how they eat to get nutrients, when endocytosis happens you see the vacoules inside the Tetrahymenas. So we basically exposed these Tetrahymenas to these three substances, seperately for each testing group and see if their vacoules number decrease or not compare to the non-treated or control group. Anyway, you’ll get the idea if you read the lab handout I have attached. I have attached the lab handout, hypothesis and variables, a paper that talk about E-cig, rubric for the lab report, and the break down of the lab report. I just want you to write the INTRODUCTION of this research paper, you can talk about the individual substances and their effects on the respiratory tracts, talk about the danger of E-cig, talk about the Tetrahymena. Anyway it’s all in the rubric,please make sure you satisfy all the requirements according to the rubric for maximum points.