Explain the specific roles of planning, motivation and evaluation in a system of budgetary control.

Please write around 1650 words discussing the following topic:”Explain the specific roles of planning, motivation and evaluation in a system of budgetary control. Support your discussion with personal experiences where possible.”Apply the theoretical and conceptual analysis from your personal experiences and/or assessments in this problem/reflection assignment. Please make sure that the main concepts are addressed, and incorporated from the slides attached. The paper should reflect, make sense of your own experiences using the concepts in the attached slides. Original, empirical examples should be utilized and incorporated in the paper.In the below you will find a couple of my personal examples for you to add in this paper. Please make sure to add more examples from your experience. The format of this paper is a reflection essay where you need to add more personalized examples and how it relates to the content in the slides I shared.Example for budget planning:In the past couple of years, I have worked in 2 different international companies. The first company is Hewlett Packard Enterprise. The budget planning was usually done from top to bottom (authoritative Budgeting). The top executive define the available budget every quarter and is shared with the employees. The employees will then use this budget and if they need to change or amend, they will need to submit a business case to get approval. At Accenture it is done the other way around. The employees will submit their plans and budget need to the managers and the manager will either approve or amend the request.One example you can add for motivating: During my work at Hewlett Packard Enterprise as the Marketing and communications manager. I was working closely with the sales team. Marketing and Sales compliment each other in many corporate companies and make sure they work together to achieve their target. The difference between Marketing and Sales compensation at Hewlett Packard Enterprise is that the Sales Manager is compensated according to their performance. The more they sell the higher the salary and bonus they receive per month. While as a Marketing Manager, we had a fixed salary and we only get a yearly raise according to our yearly performance. The raise for the marketing manager would be a fixed percentage of the salary, on the other hand the sales managers is dependent on the deals they close for the company. But it also means if they do not achieve their target, they will not receive a bonus and their salary will be cut that month. Being a sales manager is very risky and really needs the type of person who is willing to take the risk and is confident of his relationships and skills in selling. While the marketing roles is very good for employees who are looking for a stable salary to cover their own expenses, where they are also able to get a yearly raise if they are evaluated and achieve their goals and KPI’s.As an example for evaluation: During my work at Hewlett Packard Enterprise, I found that the employee evaluation process they use was very successful. Basically, each employee will need to set his goals and KPI’s for the year. He will then have 2 focal point review calls with his managers every year to review his performance. His performance is measured as er the below steps:• The manager will collect at least 8 evaluations from colleagues of his employee. Usually, he chooses one person from every team/department his employee worked with in the past year. And every year, he chooses different people.• The employee will also evaluate himself and submit his assessment to each goal and KPI he was supposed to achieve, showing what he has actually achieved during the past year.• The manager then will assess and evaluate the employees performance as well after considering all the above inputs.• The employee will then either accept or decline the evaluation he received from his manager. And will discuss his decision during the first focal point review with his manager.• The same process will be done for the second review, which will be the final review for the year.• The manager will then define the level of performance his employee has achieved in the past year, and a pre-set bonus and salary raise will be given to the employee.In my opinion, the above evaluation process motivates employees to over achieve their goals and promotes team work to gain the highest achievement level and to receive a bonus and raise every year.Other organizations have different ways to motivate their employees to achieve their best. For example Cisco, chooses a number of their top achieving employees in the year and will add them to an elite club in the organization called the “Winners Circle”. Each year this group will meet in an island and will enjoy a week of relaxation, activities and sports together. This will give their employees the opportunity to network with top executives in the company and meet different people from different countries. Gartner as well has a similar initiative for their employees. They divide the quota/budget achievement into two levels. The lowest level, which is the easiest to achieve will be awarded a trip to an island in Europe with many fun activities and networking opportunities. The highest level, will be awarded a trip to Hawaii with more luxuries activities and will be able to meet the CEO and the global executives.