Expansion of Presidential Powers

This paper is for a constitutional law class in the format of a legal research or law review paper. The topic is to be about the expansion of presidential powers beyond constitutional limits. focusing on congress’ role and difficulty in constraining an oversized presidency and how the modern presidency can tend to overwhelm legislative power.
The outline i have created is as follows:
I. constitution and enumerated powers to the executive branch and congress/legislative.
II. Expansion of executive powers. – examples on how the presidents have extending their executive powers beyond constitutional limits.
a. early years examples of expansion of powers
– some examples may include Youngstown (truman) , war powers (congress not declaring war since cold war), etc.
b. recent examples and ideological polarization within those examples
– bush
– obama
– trump
III. effects on congress/consequences of expansion of powers beyond constitutional limits
–for example policy gridlock

There is no rubric or guidelines to follow except for bluebook/law review format and the topic can if NEEDED be modified slightly – with my permission.