Environmental background and organisational structure

We pick up the company a called ‘Sweetwaters’, its is opened its first location in 1993 in downtown Ann Arbor near their alma mater, The University of Michigan. Inspired by their love of food and drink and driven by their creativity, Sweetwaters was conceived and brought to life. The marvelous result: a coffeehouse that celebrates classic caf fare alongside globally influenced coffees and teas in an environment that is both classic and friendly. Problem Statement Sweetwaters Coffee & Tea is a rapidly growing business. As the brand continues to grow, its IT and IS infrastructure needs to grow with it to keep up with the need for data analysis and reporting. Previously used tools, such as Excel and Google Drive lack the capabilities to support the growing business as it adds more locations and sells more every month. Currently, sweetwater manages all data using an Excel file processing system which is time consuming and less efficient. There are multiple files with sales data that have duplicate data points and information. Proposed Solution Our projects goal is to eradicate this problem by designing a database for the SweetWaters.This way they can keep track of all the inventory materials and sales. Database is much faster than Excel. It can take minutes in SQL to do what it takes nearly an hour to do in Excel. Excel can technically handle one million rows, but that’s before the pivot tables, multiple tabs, and functions you’re probably using. SQL also separates analysis from data. When using SQL, your data is stored separately from your analysis. Instead of emailing a massive Excel file, you can send tiny plain text files containing the instructions for your analysis. Teammates each have access to the same data, so they can run your analysis on their own. They don’t have to manage file versions or risk corrupting the data, and they can re-run it on any other data.