1/2 page: Short summary of the larger purpose, argument (Ideas A, B and C), results and conclusion. (A reader should get an idea of what your topic is and what sources youll use to address it.)
1 page: Topic and its Relevance. Ex: What is the topic and its importance? How current is it?
How you investigated it.
Literature review (body): Synthesis of published information. Summarizes (chosen sources, groups main ideas/themes and presents any flaws/counter-arguments in your research)
Body 1 1/2 page: Groups Ideas (This is where you present ideas using quotes and explain them)
Common Theme
Present Flaws/Counter Arguments
Methodology and Results (1 Page): Describes actions taken to investigate a research problem. This includes techniques used to identify, select, process and analyze necessary information.
Allows for verification and validity of work
Answers two questions: How was the data collected and how was it analyzed?
Conclusion (1 Page): Briefly goes over main ideas
Evaluates main ideas. Gives resolution. Ex: Here is the problem and this is how we deal with it.
Discusses any revelations and importance in the future. Ex: This is what will happen if we do or dont deal with it.