Do video games affect weight gain or loss in children?

1. Only two sources needed 2. For each citation it’s need to have three paragraphs annotated bibliography 3. Use proper grammar/mechanics on the rough draft of your essay. 4. Apply and document sources through a discussion; locate sources, determine sources credibility, and organize and write about sources on your discussion. 5. Summarize, analyze, and critique sources on the rough draft of your essay. 6. Analyze sources, evaluate logical reasoning, and identify logical appeals on the rough draft of your essay. 7. There are multiple ways of formatting and organizing annotated bibliographies: one paragraph, two paragraph, and three paragraph. For our purposes, we are doing a three-paragraph annotated bibliography for each citation. Start with your CITATION and then follow it with three paragraphs: Summary (150-200 words) Evaluation/Analysis (150-200 words) Reflection (50-100 words)