Startups, Fun and Games

Meet a Startup Singa: The Finnish Game Industry in fast growth with Tekes and Skene – Games Refueled Programme: Looking for the gold dust – Blooming of the Finnish startups, part 1: Finding their own way – Blooming of the Finnish startups, part 2: Try to answer the above question in a convincing manner. Watch the videos. Think about and make note of a number of good search keywords. This is crucialyou can use these on multiple platforms. Dig around in the library databases (ABI/GLobal is a good place to start). Scour YouTube for more videos on the Finnish Game Industry. Do a Google Scholar search. Try to understand Angry Birds (that started it all, more or less. What is the Rovio strategy? Other, newer firms, e.g., startups? Role of Tekes? Document Formatting and Submission: 1-2 page essay (This is a short length, so please craft carefully your writing). Suggestion: Have a friend review your English writing and content and fix issues BEFORE you submit) Submit via (through iLearn, see below link). Double spaced 1″ margins all around 12 point font Use citations (in-text) and references (bibliography). See also the document PDF download “Citations and referencing help (examples)” at the top of this iLearn page. Do not write more than 2 pages total, including references and figures. IMPORTANT NOTE: ALL written submissions MUST be in MS Word or PDF file format. NO OTHER FORMATS ARE ALLOWED. Thanks. Further, if you use PDF format, NO Graphics or pictures are allowed Text-only or Turnitin will reject the submission. MS Word is probably your best choice (.docx format). Extra Credit 1 Startups, Fun and Games Turnitin Assignment