In this assignment, students are expected to search for a newspaper article that discusses a crime that fits the crime category discussed in class in the respective week. The student will be responsible for discussing the issue presented in the article and to relate the contents of the article to what we have learned in the text/course material during the theory portion of the course (chapters 4-9). For example, if presenting in the week when we discuss violent crimes (please see syllabus for specific dates), the newspaper article is to be on the general topic of violent crime (any violent crime of your choice) and you are to refer to one of the various theories discussed in chapter 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 or 9 in an effort to make sense of/offer a plausible explanation for the crime discussed in the newspaper article. ONLY CHOOSE ONE THEORY TO EXPLAIN THE CRIME THE ONE YOU THINK BEST FITS, AND PROVIDE YOUR REASONING. The article must be from a Canadian newspaper, such as The Province, The Vancouver Sun, or The Globe and Mail. The article can be found on-line, in a current issue as a hardcopy, or in an archived issue, which may also be found in the Vancouver Public Library. The article shall not be more than 6 months old (the crime may have occurred more than 6 months ago). The article can discuss a crime in another country so long as the article is from a Canadian newspaper. Do not read the article aloud in your presentation; simply provide an overview of the issues/assumptions/ etc. that are presented in the article. If you are unsure whether the article is appropriate for the week you are presenting in, it is your responsibility to come and see me in my office hours for clarification. PLEASE DO NOT EMAIL ME YOUR ARTICLE ASKING ME FOR APPROVAL.

Oral Component:

Length: The presentation is to be between 5-7 minutes in length. The presentations will be timed and marks will be deducted if the presentation does not meet the length requirement. Again, do not read the article aloud in your presentation; simply provide an overview of the issues/assumptions/etc. that are presented in the article.

Question and Answer Period: This Q & A period will occur after your 5-7 minute presentation and will not count toward your time requirement. At this time, the students classmates may ask questions relating to the newspaper article or the particular issue it is being linked to in the course materials.

Written Component:

Students are to submit a 1-2 page summary of the presentation on the same day of the presentation. This written summary is to be divided into two sections: Overview of the Article and Link to the Course Material.

Evaluation of Presentation and Written Components:

This assignment is worth 25% of the students final grade in this course. Twenty percent will be given for the presentation and five percent will be given for the written component.

The presentation will be marked on a variety of things, including but not limited to the following:
Voice projection
Eye contact (do not read word for word from your paper) I strongly encourage you use Q-cards to encourage eye contact
Ability to provide a succinct overview of the issue
Ability to relate the article to the course readings in a detailed and critical manner (make sure the topic is relevant to the weeks readings)
Remember to stay within the requested time limit

The written component will be marked on a variety of things, including:
Grammar, spelling, syntax
Clearly dividing the written component into the two sections
Providing a clear overview of the article and its link to the course material (not in point form!)
Professionalism (make sure it is typed in Times New Roman, 12 point font, double spaced; also make sure that you include my name, your name, your student number, and the course name on the top of the assignment. Finally, choose a creative and eye-catching title!)
The written component is to be submitted on the same day as the presentation. Also, you must attach the newspaper article to the written assignment

For your own protection, you must retain both your research notes and a hard-copy of your paper, and must be able to produce them when requested. (Print two copies of your final paper and keep one on file. Disk or computer failure is not a legitimate excuse for not having a back-up copy of your notes or final paper.) Papers submitted late (i.e. not on the same day as the presentation due date) will be penalized 10% of the entire assignment per day or portion thereof and note that you must receive prior authorization to submit a late assignment and this will only be allowed in unanticipated circumstances. Medical and/or other documentation will be required to justify any such extension.

Papers should be delivered to me personally, in class, on the day that you present.

You must be prepared to present on the date indicated. If class scheduling requires, your presentation may be moved to a later date.

Please note that grades for the presentations will not be available until all students have finished their presentations (in the last class of the semester, in December).

Getting Started:

Step 1: Read the chapter that deals with your assigned crime category in order to familiarize yourself with the types of crimes in that category (for example, if assigned to Violent Crime, read chapter 10 in order to familiarize yourself with the types of crimes deemed to be violent).

Step 2: Find an article that deals with one of the crimes discussed in your assigned chapter. The library orientation will help you do this (Canadian Newsstand is an excellent online database that can be accessed through the Kwantlen library to find relevant articles). Do not email your article asking if it is appropriate for your crime category this is for you to decide.

Step 3: Bring your article title to class on the requested date (see syllabus). Article choices cannot be changed after this date, unless there are duplications in which case special arrangements will be made on a case-by-case basis.

Step 4: Review Chapters 4-9 and pick only ONE theory that you think is most appropriate for the crime incident that you have chosen. It is up to you to decide if the theory applies or not and the goal here is to justify why that theory is indeed the most appropriate.

Step 5: Start preparing your presentation and writing! Be sure to include the subheadings Overview of the Article and Link to the Course Material. You must also provide an APA citation for the article you have chosen. Please refer to the Citation guide posted under Administrative Materials at the top of the course website for guidance on how to properly cite a newspaper article using APA. If you choose more than one article on the same incident in order to provide more background information, please include these in the reference page as well.