Child abuse

The group project has three major purposes. The first is to help students use a strength-based perspective to engage, assess and propose interventions for a community. The second is to develop skills in public speaking and presentation. The third purpose is to engage students in professional self-reflection while engaging in community practice, as part of a small working group. You may find it helpful to identify an organization, movement or a group working to ameliorate your passion-problem. (Physically interview people. See the place. Plus, attend a meeting/event/action.)The group paper includes a proposal for a realistic intervention that can promote social, economic, and environmental justice in a community student groups choose to engage over the semester. The paper must integrate concepts from the course material in every section. The paper will contain the following components:At the minimum:-Each student group needs to conduct at least three interviews with people knowledgeable about or directly impacted. One of these three interviews must be with a community organizer, as described in S&S.-To perform direct observation, each individual student in the group needs to spend at least three hours in the field. -Research must include at least three academic journal articles (e.g. Journal of Community Practice or issue based academic journals), at least two reports from a research institute or advocacy group (e.g. Urban Institute), and at least one governmental source of data (e.g. U.S. Census). Key findings from the external research will be submitted early, in the form of an annotated bibliography**. ** In an annotated bibliography, the APA formatted reference is provided, with key points or statistics listed in bullet form, just under the reference.

1. Title child abuse. Descriptive and compelling title

2. Table of contentDescriptive headings and accurate pagination

3. Abstract Stimulates interest, summarizes methods and findings (i.e. description of problem, issue, community, its assets and issues, your intervention)Resources:

4. Methods (2-3 pgs.)Describe how your group assessed the topic and worked on the project, listing roles of each of the members.

8. Brief proposal of your intervention using the concepts from the course (2-4 pg.)Step back to look at the larger problem and be sure you have cut an issue. Give a brief proposal of your interventions. Why have you taken this approach? How can students and other people help with your intervention?