Collaborative Alliances as a Tool for CTE School Reform

The literature review is not simply a summary of existing research. Instead, the literature review makes an argument for the importance of your particular study and the approach you will take to conduct the study (i.e. who you will include in your study, the methods you will use, etc.). o Introduction:Allliteraturereviewsshouldbeginwithanintroductionthatexplainsthe main areas of the literature that will be reviewed and how they relate to the study. This brief introduction should provide the reader with a roadmap for what they are about to read. o Body:Themainbodyoftheliteraturereviewshouldbeorganizedbysubheadingsthat organize the different aspects of the literature relevant to your study. o Summary:Theliteraturereviewshouldendwithasummarythatdescribesthemost significant findings from existing research and how they inform the focus of your particular study. Its just a description of the literature review