Child development Education 102: Chapter 10 ONLINE TEXTBOOK CITATIONS REQUIRED

To create a collection of poems to share with preschool children and to evaluate the collection. Scenario: As a preschool teacher you know that every teacher should have a rich and varied collection of poems to share with children. You decide this is your moment to begin to build that collection. For your beginning collection you decide to focus upon poems that provide opportunities for children to be actively involved with the language of the poems, poems that represent different types of poetry, and poems that represent a culture different than your own. PAGE 1:Focus Assignment 1. Create a collection of eight poems to share with preschool children. The poems must come from sources other than your textbook. Three poems should lend themselves to childrens active involvement with the language of the poems. Three poems should represent different types of poetry. Two poems should represent a culture other than your own. For each poem in your collection, write one or two sentences describing how you would share it with preschoolers. PAGE 2:Self-Evaluation 1. For each poem in your collection: a. Explain how this poem addresses the issues in the scenario. b. Give evidence from the chapter supporting this poem (with citations). 2. Describe and justify how your poetry collection would improve teaching and learning in the scenario.