Medical Nursing for Veterinary Technicians

hello I had started typing a paper if there is anyway to use most of what I have an enhance on it the would be great I need paraphrases and quotes a works cited apa format INSTRUCTIONS Youll write one research project containing four parts: 1. Administration routes 2. Fluid administration 3. Dental prophylaxis 4. Emergency care Theres no required length (maximum or minimum); however, the recommended length is one to three pages for each part. You want to make sure you provide the required details for each subject. Be thorough for each part. 1 Part 1: Adminstration Routes For Part 1, youll describe the procedure for placing an oro- gastric tube in a canine patient. Your research will include 1. Reasons why an orogastric tube would be placed in a canine patient 2. How to properly perform each step in placing and remov- ing an orogastric tube in a dog 3. Why each step is important 4. Potential complications of orogastric tube placement Part 2: Fluid Adminstration For Part 2, youll discuss intravenous fluid administration in a feline patient. Your research will include 1. What physical exam parameters you use to assess the hydration status in your patient. Youll detail the differ- ent percentages of dehydration and the signs you see on examination with each one. 2. The purpose of each phase of fluid therapy for a female feline patient assuming the following: the patient isnt showing any signs of shock. The cat weighs 8 lbs, is 10% dehydrated, and doesnt have any vomiting or diarrhea. Use this information to calculate the needed fluid rates for each phase of fluid therapy for this patient. Be sure to include the formula youre using, and show each step in the calculation of the fluid rates. 3. How you should monitor the IV fluid therapy in this patient. 4. Why its important to monitor patients receiving IV fluid therapy. 2 Medical Nursing for Veterinary Technicians Part 3: Dental Prophylaxis For Part 3, youll explain the differences between the teeth and the dental prophylaxis techniques used for dogs and horses. You research will include 1. The specific differences between the teeth of a dog and the teeth of a horse 2. The reasons a dental prophylaxis is performed in both species 3. How dental prophylaxis is performed in both species 4. A comparison and contrast of the procedures for both species (What are the same? What are different?) Part 4: Emergency Care For Part 4, youll explain how to perform CPR on a Labrador retriever in the veterinary clinic. Your research will include 1. An explanation of what is CPR and what is its goal 2. The steps of veterinary CPR and how its performed in the veterinary clinic 3. A discussion of the emergency crash cart and the items that you would use from it during CPR