“Biological Foundations: Heredity, Prenatal Development, and Birth”

Pick a topic from chapters 1 16. You are to research that topic by looking at information on that topic from at least three different sources. Read thoroughly and carefully the information in the sources you use. Use only educational or peer-reviewed journals. Magazines such as Better Homes and Garden are not acceptable as a source of information. Then, write about your topic and findings. The following information is to be included:
Compare the information to what is in the textbook for this course. Are there similarities in belief amongst the authors? Are there differences of opinions? Explain.
What are your ideas on this topic? Did you have pre-conceived ideas before you researched this topic? How have your thoughts changed since researching this information?
Feel free to include other information as appropriate.
Your written paper should be at least two pages long not counting the title page and the reference page. You are to use Times New Roman, 12 point font. Margins should be one inch. Double space the paragraphs. Indent only the first line of each paragraph. Include the page number at the bottom center of your page.
You are to have a title page. Information on the title page should be centered horizontally and vertically. Include your title for the paper, your name, this course name, and date of submission.
Your reference page should have our text listed as resource. This does NOT count in your three sources. In other words, you will have a minimum of four sources on the reference page.
Use APA for your style of writing. Should you have questions regarding APA style of writing, there are many sites available on the Internet for properly citing sources using APA style. One such place is the OWL center at Purdue.
You are expected to use proper spelling, punctuation, and grammar. You are college students. Please proofread carefully and submit only high quality work that reflects your collegiate status.