Assumptions of Statistical Tests

Critiquing the Literature: Assumptions of Statistical Tests Preparation In preparation for this discussion, make sure you have read the article, “Are Assumptions of Well-Known Statistical Techniques Checked, and Why (Not)?” Instructions Hoekstra, Kiers, and Johnson (2012) state, Our findings show that researchers are relatively unknowledgeable when it comes to when and how data should be checked for violations of assumptions of statistical tests. Complete the following for your initial post for this discussion, remembering to adhere to the guidelines in the FEM: Describe to what extent you find this statement to be accurate, based on your experience, readings, and research. o Provide relevant examples and rationale for your explanation. Review the research question descriptions in the Appendix of the article, and select one of them. For the one you selected: o List the assumptions for the statistical analysis that should be used for that question. Note: You do not need to perform the assumptions; you will get to do that in future units!